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TAG Security Annual Report 2024

Decoding the Cybersecurity Conversation for Business Leaders

TAG has recognised X-Analytics as a distinguished vendor demonstrating excellence in reducing cyber risk.

Find out how to create an effective cybersecurity strategy that demystifies this complex subject

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Interview with President & CEO, X-Analytics

Decoding Cybersecruity

See why the TAG-Infosphere analysts have selected X-Analytics as a 2024 Distinguished Vendor. The report includes:

  • How to create an effective cybersecurity strategy 
  • How to translate cybersecurity into insights leaders will understand 
  • How to identify and prioritize cyber exposure
  • How to prepare for SEC cybersecurity risk disclosures
About the report

Businesses can turbocharge their cybersecurity strategies by engaging their top business leaders in the process. Unfortunately, many business leaders tune out of the cybersecurity conversation because the conversations are largely technical and don’t relate to business outcomes. 

Hear how X-Analytics is solving this problem by providing insight business leaders can understand, and how leaders can develop the right cyber strategy for their business. 

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About X-Analytics

Cybersecruity is complex.
Managing it doesn’t need to be.

By translating complex data into actionable insights, X-Analytics allows enterprise businesses to focus on the threats that present the greatest business risk. 

X-Analytics provides a simple consolidated view of risk, to enable businesses to align their cybersecurity investment with key business objectives.

Why X-Analytics?

  • Connect technical expertise of cyber professionals with the strategic vision of executive leaders and board members.
  • Facilitate nuanced risk assessments and informed decision-making.
  • Enable strategic cybersecurity investments that are directly aligned with business objectives.


Trusted by industry leaders

Citizens bank
united airlines

Trusted by industry leaders

Chief Information Security Officer, Zebra Technologies

Mike Zachman

"Ultimately, trust was built from very good decision support. We were looking for where to spend that next dollar of investment to get the best risk reduction. It's very clear when the tool provides that information back. X-Analytics definitely points you to where you should be going"

Chair Of The Audit Committee for a Regional Major Bank

“We’re using the [X-Analytics] report to give us context to the financial exposure from cyber risk beyond what we were getting with maturity and compliance scores.”

Director For A Public Bank, Public Health-Care System, and a Public Financial Services/Investment Firm

“I’ve directed management for each of my companies to look at X-Analytics. It presents cyber exposure the way I want to see it—in financial terms—and provides me the insights I need to provide better guidance to management.”